Closet & Botts opens in lewes

Well well well. We have some very exciting news. We are opening a shop! It all feels a bit like a dream at the moment but we are currently working like crazy to get everything done. The premises is in the centre of beautiful Lewes. We could not feel luckier!

We are working with a wonderful team to get all the work done in time. Here is the lovely Charlie painting the shop sign. We went for this Dark Teal. Its a colour we have always loved. A French General store from the 1950's is what it evokes to us.


Wall colour..... Wow it has taken some thought and many sleepless nights. We have settled on a golden mustard colour that we have had mixed ourselves. We were thinking, old nicotine stained walls like something out of a Charles Dickens novel... What do you think? Are we mad? Can you over think a wall colour?.....

This is John. He is doing all our sign writing. We wanted it to be hand done it the traditional technique. 


 We are putting in some paneling behind the counter. This has been the most time consuming job yet. Hours and hours and hours of work. Sanding. Painting. Staining. Re painting. Re staining....... But we are getting there. 

We found this old shop counter at a market last week. It came out of a shop in Normandy. We LOVE it and it is totally the inspiration for our Counter area. Matching the colour of the paneling has been hard work though.


Tags and Bags! It is all so exciting. The finishing touches are really making it all feel real. We are nearly there!

Opening soon!

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Autumn has arrived!

Autumn has arrived!

Open for business

Open for business